Friday, June 24, 2011

Critical Affair

Release Date January 2011

Genre Post Hardcore, Screamo

Members Yenx Jeffrey - Vocals, Guitar
Amirul Shahzuan - Bass
Assni Apex - Drums
Sham Cekedi - Vocals


Record Label D.I.Y

About Official Critical Affair Facebook Page

We are Critical Affair, a 4 piece Post-Hardcore band formed in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia early 2011. The band made up by Yenx Jeffrey and Amirul Shahzuan. Until now we are still in progress to recording our new songs and we will try to show our passions in music. Hopefully, you guys like it. Feel free to check out our tunes and always keep in touch with our members in this band. That's all for you guys need to know, don't forget to spread the word about us. Cheers!

"Keep Your Steps And Mosh It Up!"

Current Location TAMAN TAS

Booking Agent For more info :

Artists We Also Like UNDECIDED

Influences There's a lots of influence that we have, we can't lists all of them. But we will try to be the best and we will try make our own sound. Hopefully, you guys like it. Keep supporting us. Cheers!

Band Interests Composing and writing the songs, having fun with friends and also live performing on stage. Cheers!


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  1. Thanks for promoting my band, guys. i really appreciate it. thanks again, cheers :)


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