Friday, June 24, 2011


Leo Azman - HERO!
Rudy Iskandar - Guitar
Nemo Naz - Guitar
Adzim Shafie - Bass
Taqi Ahmad - Drums

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Nastia Production
NASTIA was originally formed by a friendship of Nick and Azman. Their friendship kept on evolving in music. Later on with Adzim who had been with them, the song “Teman Semati” was written. But it wasn’t a perfect song and still needed a guitar touch. Then they met Nemo who was next able to complete the song “Teman Semati” by fililing in his guitar touch to the song. Later on that time, Nick recommended Rudy who had done several jam sessions with him to fill in the 2nd Guitar position. The 5 of them (Azman, Nick, Adzim, Nemo and Rudy) finally reached the same vision and mission for the band. On early January year 2011, NASTIA completely done.

NASTIA’s music concept is modern rock that combines other elements such as progressive, jazz, alternative and pop. Malaysia, Us, Indonesia bands (Coldplay, Boys Like Girls, Padi, NIDJI, Faizal Tahir, KOMPLOT, U2, Radiohead, Dave Matthews, etc.) indirectly influence and became inspirations to the color of NASTIA’s music.
Current Location
Kuala Lumpur
General manager
Nastia Management -
Booking agent
Nastia Management(0174815179)
P.Ramlee,Isyam Swardy,NIDJI,M.U.H and All Malaysian Band/Artist
Band interests
Coldplay/Boys Like Girls/Padi/NIDJI/Faizal Tahir/KOMPLOT/ U2/ Radiohead/ Dave Matthews/etc.

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