Thursday, June 23, 2011

band-Awanband malaysia

Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, MY
Genres: Pop / Indie Rock / Indie Pop
Members: 5
The band has been formed in 2007,with the differences of style and character of the band members.The idea to making a band that stick to experimental,rock and flavored with jazz as a influents for the music becoming reality when two good friends who are a roommate ,Boboi (2nd Guitar) and Dugong (drummer) with another komrades which is Ully (lead guitar) who love to smile,hassan (bassist) and paliy as a vocalist.A few month later,after make a lot of discussion, they found an awesome new drummer which is Ijan after Dugong has to give a commitment for Hujan as a Bassist.
the music atmosphere for awanband has been started by Boboi who like to do an experiments with many kind of music to make a song for the band which the finale will be work out by the other band members.
the line-up of awanband changed due because dugong as a drummer have to give a full commitment for Hujan as a bassist and Paliy as a vocalist have to give a fully commitment for his study and because of that, Faris has take the position as new vocalist for Awanband.The music arrangement and chord progression getting more better with the new band members.
Now,they're busy making a 1st EP that will pouring to earth.For any organizer that interested to feel the magnificient melody of Awanband,they can make an arrangment with called abg rahmat.

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