Monday, June 27, 2011

The Last Cyclone

Release Date
JUNE 2011

Pop / Alternative / Rock

Kamarul - Vocals, Guitar
Zameer - Bass
Zuhairi - Drums
Faiz - Lead Guitar
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Kuantan , Pahang

Record Label

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We are a Pop / Alternative / Rock band from kuantan,pahang,MALAYSIA.We're coming from the streets and trying to make music that we really love and hope that everyone can accept us.We are trying to make everyone happy . .It all started as a casual jamm session among friends and we thought that it is about time for us to make a band so we decided to make it happen.We get our influence from a lot of bands all around the world.The last Cyclone is made up from 4 bestfriends. Faiz is the guitarist that really a fast learner. Kamarul is a vocalist that can sing sweetly to the melody and play guitar at the same time. Zameer is the one with the killing fingers,he can play the bass all night long. Zuhairi is the one with the beats,trying to be a technical drummer and need a lot of practice. We wrote our songs together so that we can make it as a band and not as an individual. We hope you guys can support us so we can give happiness to this cruel and sad world.

we need your support . .

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